Friday, February 12, 2010

What are your Suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

As DARF/U-CAN reaches out to a broader constituency in order to include computer enthusiasts, electronic hobbyists, Internet surfers, blackberry junkies, and cell phone and ipod users in our fellowship, I am becoming increasing aware that times are changing so rapidly that we may already be past the tipping point of survival. We’ve talked a good talk about being more inclusive, but we haven’t walked the walk. We, DARF/U-CANers, need to be communicating in these new formats so that our organization actually appears as if it really does want these other technologies included in our fellowship. I say this even though I’ve never been to SpaceBook or MySpace, and I’ve never sent a “tweet.” I’m just as guilty as, I fear, most of us are. But, then, like the rest of us, I don’t know how to take the first step. I think we need to dialogue about the survival of DARF/U-CAN, and how we really do reach out. We need to start taking those first steps. Here’s a YouTube video that presents an intriguing look at how fast our world is changing. Give it a look:

Fred Erickson