Saturday, September 27, 2008

QSO Party

You are invited to join other DARF/ U-CAN members in an on-the-air gathering via Ham Radio or on the Internet, September 26 & 27, 2008.

The purpose of this event is to combine fun with communications ingenuity to involve as many DARFers and U-CANers as possible during a 24 hour period.

Ways to participate:
  • Check into one of the nets.
  • Look for a posted QSO schedule (on this Blog) and see if you can contact one or more of the stations on frequency. We will schedule interested persons for two station QSO's. Others who hear them are free make contact.
  • Hams can log into Echo Link and visit with VOIP. John Park Winkler KA0Z plans to monitor EchoLink whenever he is on the air. Attention NOVICES & TECHNICIANS Echo link may be a way to participate using third party communications rules. Contact John Park to make arrangements.
  • Call another DARFer by Phone and arrange for a scheduled QSO during the QSO Party.
  • Attention NOVICES & TECHNICIANS, if you have a CW rig or want to try a 10 meter SSB contact, post a comment on the blog and we will see if we can match frequency, time and band so that you can make a contact. Set up a half wave dipole and we'll see if we can make contact.
  • Listen as a shortwave listener and send a signal report.
  • Contact johnparkw on Yahoo Instant messenger and listen to on the air activity as heard from Iowa. (Others interested in this mode, please let us know.