Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How did you first discover DARF UCAN?

Please tell your story. Click comments and tell us about it.

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John Park Winkler said...

In the mid 1950's, my mother read about the use of amateur radio in mission work and that her seminary classmate, Alin Sharp, was one of the missionaries in Paraguay who was a ham. On furlough, Alin was invited to Shelbyville, TN, whare Dad was serving the church and we visited about my efforts to get my novice ticket and about the equipment he used in South America. Alin was licensed in Paraguay, but not in the US at the time. Alin got me in touch with Bob Pataneud and I was added to the Mission-aire mailing list.
The Mission-aire looked like a typical church newsletter. One early issue had a design for a double sideband suppressed carrier transmitter for 75 meters. (It was the poor man's way of talking to SSB operators, because many AM operators didn't like the "Donald Duck" stations on their bands and there were not so many cross mode contacts.) But I never built the rig. John Park